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    What Is Your Responsibility? A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook and when I saw it I just knew I had something to blog about. So many times in life we have the opportunity to make a difference and take on the responsibility to do something about a situation that could change our lives forever. Nearly 21 years ago my brand new husband and I were faced with the “ability” to take in two little girls that needed a place to live. Here we were, married only four months and we found out that two of my nieces needed emergency foster care. Their parents had made some very…

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    Me In The Raw

    “There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.” C. S. Lewis For years now I have wanted to sit down and just write about my life.  It hasn’t been an easy life.  As I sit here wanting to share with you all the things that matter to me and could possibly help others that have gone through similar traumatic events, I wonder how much is too much. My life began in 1966 in a wonderful family. I was the newest addition to an already made up family of three, now four. Everything about my family was normal, in my child mind. There was love, laughter, and adoration.…

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    Lift Each Other Up

    “If I could give you one thought, it would be to lift someone up. Lift a stranger up – lift her up. I would ask you, mother and father, brother and sister, lovers, mother and daughter, father and son, lift someone. The very idea of lifting someone up will lift you, as well.” Maya Angelou. The power of a kind word can go along way. If we stripped ourselves of the ability to have racial prejudices, divided political agenda’s, and constant hate shown in the evidence of our actions we may be able to come together as a whole community. A group of people that saw human faces on a…

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    Mettler Family Vineyards

    Nestled in the Southern part of Lodi is a local family vineyard that has been growing since the 1800’s. Over five generations of premium wine grapes growing in California. This beauty is full of breath taking scenery with Weeping Willow trees over looking a gorgeous pond. The flowers were in full bloom for our visit. Great location for quaint picnics and strolls on the landscaped grounds. Equipped with a spacious tasting room with friendly and helpful staff.  Such a pleasurable afternoon for my husband and I. This is a perfect venue for weddings and special events. Mettler Family Vineyards 7889 E. Harney Ln, Lodi, CA (209) 369-3045

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    No internet? No problem!

    So I had this great idea to start a blog and we all know that it takes the internet to make this successful.  So I just wanted everyone to know that I have mastered the art of cell phone usage while creating a blog website.  I’ve taken advantage of hotspot sharing from my cell phone as well as adding from my cell phone directly.  Never be told that you can’t!  If there is a will, there is a way! My will is intact! Today I have added a page on Facebook and hand selected a few friends to see what their input would be.  Thank you Aundrea for being so…