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Trapped In The Web

Like flies trapped in the web waiting for its master creator the spider to find its lunch; the World Wide Web has gathered us humans from all over the world. We are forever trapped in its magical powers of information; whether good or bad. On one hand it is a great wonder to have this connection to the outside world at our finger tips. On the other, so much sadness and harm can come from misuse of our liberties on the web.

The Royal Wedding

This morning though, I woke up at 5:30 am and ran to my laptop to see what I could gather of the Royal Wedding. Like most women across the world, I love a good royal wedding. I’ve watched them all since Princess Diana. So much secret fun for me as I sit there thinking what it must be like for Meghan Markle. One day a normal person, actress, living life to its fullest; the next marrying Prince Harry in a beautiful ceremony that we could only dream of. She is a lucky girl!

As I sat there watching I began thinking about how technology has changed over the years and how as soon as I woke up and fired up my laptop, I had the recorded version of the wedding there at my fingertips. With a hot cup of coffee in hand and a blanket over my lap, I watched with delight, the entire thing!

Years ago, we had to get up extremely early and watch it live or watch a VHS recording that we had set the night before. I could have stayed up all night in anticipation, however; I love sleep and I LOVE technology and the ease of access at our ready! In case you missed it and you’re dying to watch, I’ve provided a link below. You’re welcome!

Here’s that wedding!

Now, Back To Reality!

The King and I

It’s time to spend the weekend with my own king and be thankful for the life I’ve been given. We too are blessed abundantly! It is in the silver linings and laughter that I know I am where I am supposed to be and I appreciate every moment of it.

Ladies, don’t get lost in the fantasy of it all. Appreciate what we have! We may not be rich, famous, and of royal decent; but we are magical in our own right. Life is what we make it! If we choose to treat life as if we are just as important; our lives will be just as grand! She may have married her Prince but I married my KING!

Lastly, becareful while traveling in the world wide web, don’t let it trap you and hold you hostage. Get out and enjoy your life with your loved one’s. Lets make the most out of every blessing that has been bestowed upon us. Even us bloggers need to find balance!


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