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Derailment Anyone?

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Do Not Buy Into People’s Negativity!

Every now and then we all have those people in our lives that love to say negative things and they think they are funny or smarter than we are and they know more than we could possibly ever know. Those are the comments and situations that we need to learn to let roll off our backs. For so many years I’ve let what others think of me determine who I was. I am not doing that anymore! I have set myself up for so much failure and derailment just because I’ve listened to others and their opinions. So from now on, I am going to believe I can achieve a goal, and see it in my future and go for it! I am not afraid of failure, I am afraid of not trying!

Do NOT Buy Into Your Own Negativity Either!

If we are ever going to grow from our depressed limited selves and gain traction in our lives, we need to stop being our own worst enemy! I have been so guilty of this in my past! If we tell ourselves that we are not lovable, we will be unlovable. If we tell ourselves we are ugly, we will be, feel, and look ugly when we look in the mirror. If we tell ourselves we are fat/overweight, we will always accept that as an option.

It is very important that our self talk is positive and upbeat. We need to get ourselves past our own self-derailment. The quicker the better. Life is too short to just sit here and waist so much time feeling like we are powerless to change anything.

I am changing my stinken’ thinken’ one negative thought at a time! For every negative thought I will begin to replace with 3 positive thoughts to counteract the negative derailment!

Take Control Of Your Life

It is time to get our minds right and start helping ourselves get better. You have to visualize what you want and work every day towards that goal. You need to do whatever it takes to move forward. Start with baby steps.

Eight years ago I would have never believed that I had the ability to graduate college with honors and speak at my graduation. It was one of the turning points in my life. It helped me know that I can and will be someone important, I can accomplish the unimaginable. I can do anything I put my mind into. I can, have been, and will be successful. I will tell myself these things every day “UNTIL” I am where I want to be! Then I will reach new goals! I graduated in my late 40’s with a BS degree in Healthcare Administration. I know this is possible! We can do anything we want to do if we tell ourselves the right information, encourage ourselves with the right self talks.

Challenge Ourselves

I just started a 30 day challenge with a very good friend of mine who is a Life Coach! I am super excited to get this jump start into my new way of thinking and I can’t wait to share with everyone the things that I have learned. I’m taking back control of my life, one day at a time! I challenge everyone to always look for personal growth! Do what you have to in order to be ther person you see in your future!

Four Goals

My goals are to be emotionally, spiritually, physically healthy, as well as striving towards financial freedom so that no matter what twists and turns life takes, I’m able to handle them appropriately! It is very important that we practice self-care with ourselves. We need to show ourselves the love we deserve. The moment we start providing such things for ourselves will be the moment we no longer sit and wait for another human being, who is designed to be flawed by nature, to let us down.

I can’t base my life on whether or not my spouse is doing or givng me the right things. Of course, I love it when my husband and I connect on every level and I love what we have together. My goal is to be ok though if he and I don’t agree! It is okay to be different. It is ok to be your own person and reach out and grow seperately from your marriage. Especially if your spouse supports it and helps you achieve your goals!

Be Nice!

My Momma used to say if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all! Why is it so important to be right or have the upper hand. It really is ok to allow people to be who they are without tearing them down. So please, the next time someone says something you don’t agree with, just don’t say anything. Let it go and move on. We don’t have to prove to anyone our theory on our own lives is the right road to take. It is up to us to just live it! We have found something that works and we need to just go with it! If you feel you are right, let it play out. Time is the great test of I told you so’s!