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Gaining Ground On Myself

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Stuck In A Rut

For years now I’ve been struggling with moving forward and not climbing out of my comfort zone. I have been stuck in a deep hole or rut where there was no personal growth. I am so excited to share with you all about the positive changes I have been making in my life. I have been gaining ground on the person I want to become! I see that person in my not so far off future!

30 Day Challenge

I have started a 30 day challenge with a friend who is a life coach. Her name is LaNisha and she has been an amazing source of motivation and been my biggest cheerleader for a couple of weeks now! I believe we have known each other for about seven years. She was amazing as my online line instructor for Heald College and I’m pretty sure she is the reason why I graduated.

LaNisha began a journey to become a life coach and I somehow got myself involved. It sounded intriguing and I started put my nose into what she was doing and the next thing I knew I was part of a group of powerful women who have begun to transform themselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It has been the most rewarding thing I think I have ever done! I feel great and I can’t wait for each day to come and work on myself.

This Is Hard

I am not going to lie, getting up early every day at 5 something to begin to work on myself is hard. LaNisha has a team that gets online at 5am and does a work out together. I haven’t quite made it to that but I’m right behind them. I watch the feed for motiviation during my journaling time. It has been a great help to get me going, even when I haven’t felt like moving, it has helped me to keep moving!

Wow! Look At Me Go!

Every day I get my goal of 10,000 steps done before 10:30 am. That alone is huge for me. I was lucky to get 3,000 in a day. I led a sedentary life. Sitting at my computer or on the couch watchng tv. Now, by the time I get to bed I have anywhere from 12,000 to 17,000 steps in my day. I can’t be more proud of myself. It is a wonderful accomplishment for me.

Today, I finally made it up at 5:30 am for the first time! It is getting easier and easier! It is so exciting for me to take these baby steps and to continue to improve on myself. I was energized and I was able to get my husband and my daughter moving and out the door by 7:15 to hit the trail we walk on. This is such a great feeling for me to be able to accomplish all these things. See picture above of family at the 1/2 way point of our journey this morning!

I try to add a new thing to my everyday. Today, was the getting up 15 minutes earlier than yesterday as well as beating yesterdays time by 6 minutes! How cool is that? I’m 52 years old and I feel great! Every day, in every way, I am getting strong and stronger! This is our group motto and it really helps us get through the tough times!

My Tools

My tools are the internet, my cell phone for reference, my journal, a pencil. My cup of coffee. A bottle of water. My eagerness to move, my williness to get out there and my legs to get me moving! I also diffuse doTERRA’s Peppermint and Wild Orange in my diffuser to get me going while I journal for the morning. It wakes up my brain and helps me to clear my mind. I love it.

Peppermint and Wild Orange Essential Oils
Peppermint and Wild Orange Essential Oils
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I eat a good breakfast. One scrambled egg with one slice of Turkey Bacon. 100 calories, 57 grams of protein. It is just enough to fuel my morning! I also take one to two drops of doTERRA’s Deep Blue Essential oil in a small amount of water to help with my aches and pains! It really does seem to help me if I’m still hurting from the day before’s exercise!

Deep Blue Essential Oil
Deep Blue Essential Oil

My Goals

My goals are to be able to walk without being in pain, to wake up at 5am with the team, and to continue to watch what I eat and journal everything. I use myfitnesspal app for recording my food, it really does help when watching my calories. I plan to continue this process for the remainder of the 30 days and see where it goes! I hope to lose at least 10 lbs and keep going from there!

Want To Join Me?

If you are interested in joining me on my journey, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at or sign up for my newsletters.

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Until next time!