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How to begin your own blog!

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I have been asked several times how I created my own blog. I’m stubborn, I didn’t want to pay money for something that I couldn’t afford. So I’ve taught myself to do the basics. If you have the desire and the want to, this is not that hard of a process.  I truly have loved this process and I’ve grown with building my blog into what it is today.  I hope this blog post helps you to get started!

 I can help you figure out any process that you come across, if I don’t have the answers and I can’t help you figure it out, I can put you into some Facebook groups that have been amazingly helpful in this process. No reason to panic!

Step One!

~You need to pick your niche. So you need to know what you want to blog about. My blog is considered a lifestlyle blog. What are you passionate about? What would you like to blog about? Do you have a domain name picked out? These are all important questions and you need to go through this process before you move forward. I loved choosing a lifestyle blog because I get the freedom to write about whatever I want to. I can choose a handful of categories to talk about. So for me, I have my blog talk about personal growth, my essential oils, and anything I find helpful for my readers. So take a moment and make some notes for yourself.

Other niche options are more restricting: Fitness, Health and Wellness, Financial, and ect. 

~Pick your domain name (pick several – there may be availability issues). When choosing who hosts your blog, they will help you find out if your domain name is available. Try different spellings of your favorite before giving up.

~Decide if you want to monetize your blog or just write. I have a blog that I monetize.  Meaning I have the option to add affiliate accounts to my blog so that I can earn a commission if someone clicks the link I provide for them. Please see below for real live example.

~Think about your audience. Who do you want to write to? Who do you want to reach? For me, it is anyone that has gone through emotional trauma and has come out stronger on the otherside, anyone who is interested in personal growth, and I also talk about my essential oils.

~Start thinking about a logo for yourself. You can have your favorite animal or character from a movie. A picture. A design that has special meaning to you or your family. This is all important for your beginning. It can be changed in the future if you are unsure. I have a picture with writing over the top. It has fit me for now. In the future, it may change. There are apps to help you create your own logo. It just depends on if you want to do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Canva is a great free app to use. Fiverr is a great app one where you can hire someone and let them help you design something for you.

Step Two

You need to make a financial decision about how much money you want to put into your blog. For me, I didn’t have much money. So I wanted to make the right decision but yet I wanted to spend as little as possible.

There are free options where you can do a blog and not pay a dime. The problem with those sites are you do not own your own domain. You are bound to their rules and your content can be lost or deleted at anytime. Those are not my recommendation.


I wanted to own my blog. I didn’t want to go through the whole process of writing and puting my heart and soul into it and have their rules keep me from doing specific things when it came up.

I chose to use Bluehost to host my blog because the amount was affordable. If you choose this option. Please use the link provided below. I can earn a commission through them if you go through this route. Thank you in advance for supporting me in this manner. This is the live link for an example of what it looks like to monetize your blog. Your domain name is free with this option. 

When you are in the process of setting up your Bluehost package, be sure to check and uncheck boxes of items you do not want to pay for. I believe I only had the top two boxes checked when I did mine. It will change the price of your package to fit something more affordable.

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The next option is to choose WordPress with one click access. They go hand in hand with Bluehost. They are great together!  You get the ability to choose themes. I loved this process. It is how you make it look nice. It all depends on how you want it to look.  You can use the free theme’s or you can choose to purchase one. I chose a free theme. So think about how you want you blog to look and go from there. The themes will show you what they look like. I chose the Ashe theme. 

Once you have gone through this whole process and you know the direction you are headed you are now in the business of being a blogger. You can now build your own webpage! Get motivated, be creative, and start writing and building! Let me know so I can follow you once you are live!

More Assistance Available

I am more than happy to help you with this process and showing you more about blogging. Reach out to me and we can discuss options on how I can help! 

Happy blogging!